Sweeten Life Systems – the Vision & Equipping Practices of Dr. Gary R Sweeten, EdD – 50+ years of training professionals and laypeople worldwide

At Sweeten Life Systems we develop written and digital materials and train people to live effectively and healthily in businesses, agencies, teams, leadership, and families . We consult with organizations and provide coaching and mentoring. Let us help you build real, supportive relationships within your family, organization and business.

Sweeten Life Systems continues the call and ministry of Dr. Gary Sweeten and his colleagues who have pioneered several innovative approaches to help organizations and individuals foster “A lifetime of great relationships.” The care and cure of troubled souls is our consistent goal.

In the 1970s, as Associate Dean of Students at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Sweeten consistently met Christian college students suffering from trauma, addiction, and biblical confusion. His experiences inspired him to seek a doctorate in counseling. His dissertation — “Equipping Christians to Care and Counsel One Another” — proved to be providential, with implications for Christians interested in counseling, education, discipleship, small groups, family life and outreach to unbelievers.

Sweeten Life Systems provides coaching and consulting services using an asset based model that looks at strengths of people rather than deficiencies.

At Sweeten Life Systems, we promote healing and growth by facilitating better relationships with God, self, and others. For more information visit our website at sweetenlife.com.