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My life bears the indelible mark of Sweeten Life Systems. Their teachings and systems have equipped me to win at home with my wife and children, to succeed professionally, and to experience an atmosphere of peace in my home and in my soul.

Ken Moyer
Head Football Coach, Mathematics Teacher, Dayton Christian School, retired Bengals Offensive Lineman


It’s been my privilege to pass on to many others — professionals, ministers, missionaries, and lay leaders — the same skills (if taught in a somewhat different format — in your words of years ago, “Everyone teaches it differently”), always very appreciatively crediting your ingenious organization of those skills into a workable helping model.  I’ve witnessed countless individuals, couples, groups, teams, and others in relationships of many sorts, experience growth, healing, and community far more powerfully than they could have any other way, as they have learned and applied those basic skills.

Mark Pruden
Mark Pruden & Associates: Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling



I can say unequivocally that those 3 courses impacted and changed our lives in ways that nothing else has in over nearly 40 years of pastoral ministry. 

Ben Hoerr
Senior Pastor at The Vineyard Church – Peoria


RCT became a personal and professional part of my Basil Skill Set as I continued to grow spiritually, personally and in ministry.

Dr. G
Rev. Dr. Gregory Leonard Aldana (ret.)


It’s awesome to see the Holy Spirit show up and bring about self-discoveries when people share & all I do is use reflective listening & redirecting skills. I am so thankful for the training that I had in Growth & Healing over the years.

Thanks for checking in,
Gerry Spears
A Graduate of the Cincinnati Vineyard


On a personal level, there’s not a day that goes by where something I learned or experienced from the Teleios courses doesn’t come into play. Whether it’s listening to my newlywed daughter struggle through career and married life, modeling listening to clients for my son who is taking over the business, or just sitting with my wife as she grieves the loss of our family dog, what God did back in the late 80s through Apples, RCT and Breaking Free continues to bear fruit. And on days when God seems far away and things aren’t going well, I can remember that Holy Spirit moved through me to heal someone, and know without a doubt, God is real, Jesus is alive, and the Gospel is true. Thank you, Gary Sweeten, for planting the roots.

Steve Puffenberger
Producer of corporate/documentary video, responsive Websites, professional presentation graphics at Advent Media, Inc.